Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Year 2002-2003

The year for HDC started with a small theatre workshop instead of usual auditions, to select people for the cast of the semester production. Adaptation of "Mouse-trap" by Agatha Christie was staged as the semester production. Mehul and Naresh directed the same, and HDC found some great actors in Akbar Kamal and Apeksha. Then came the Oasis, and HDC swept away all the awards for street play for 2nd time in a row. The play was based on a short story by Prem-chandra, "Hinsa Parmo Dharma". Pratyush won the award for best actor in the play.

Second semester started with a record practice-time production Fandi. The play was staged on the 16th day of starting the practices. Khillu and Kor gave some superb performances, in the role of fandi and Lawyer. "Send me no Flowers" was staged in Hindi by the name of "Hai mera Dil", on which a hindi movie by the name of "Biwi ho to aisi" was made in 70s. Vishal gupta played the role of Amol Palekar, and Alpika of Ranjita from the movie. HDC began an era of out and out comedies in the semester by these two productions. As this was not enough, and enthu of Psenti-semites was never gonna die, HDC staged "Maut ke Saye mein", a play originally written by Jean-Paul Satre . The play got a huge applause from the audience because of the content and the performances.

Thus, came the end of Year 2002-03, and HDC had to bid farewell to some great performers, like of Swati, Kor, Khillu, Gade, Nu and Raturi. Farewell was an evening to remember, when 30-40 members of HDC were running around in the back sky for one bowl full of Fruit-custard. Ohhh!! yummy that was...

"Isi talash-o-tajassus mein gum hun main
Jo hun to kya hun, agar nahin hun to kyun hun main..."
- Ameer Khusro

Secretary :
Shantanu Goel

Joint Secretaries :
Akbar Kamal & Vishakha Gupta

Plays :

First Semester

Second Semester
Members :
Pratik Naphade, Rajesh Agrawal, Apeksha Godiyal, Afshan M Khan, Aditya Aney, Nikeeta Bhise, Uday Dhoke, Anushri Rathi, Nazneen Shafiq, Shammider Singh, Jaspreet Singh Notey, Abhishek Agrawal, Shilpi Khariwal, Ajay Rungta, Renuka Dixit, Jai Prakash

1. Theatre Workshop

Gallery :
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