Friday, December 16, 2005

Year 2003-2004

A Year where the club's strength and enthu had scaled new heights. A Year when HDC took its first "BIG" trip. A Year when the HDCites prouldly wore the bright blue t-shirts sporting the glowing Mashaal, (which will soon be the HDC symbol, in coming semesters). A Year which was blessed by two Secretaries. A Year where Akbar & Naresh came up with million new ways to increase the enthu. A Year of Eid parties, Jogging Sessions, Sky Ghoting, C'not treats, Nite Walks. A Year of the two young freshers Vineet and Abhinav (Chacha and Kittu) and much more...

Secretary :
Naresh Sharma (I sem) & Alpika Mishra (II sem)

Joint Secretaries :
Vasuta Agarwal & Sushant Ambulkar

Plays :

First Semester

Second Semester
Members :
Vineet Kumar, Abhinav Kimothi, Neharika Prabhat, Ishan Shukla

Events :
1. Trip : Bikaner-Jaisalmer
2. T-shirt

Gallery :
to come ...


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first year!!! :):):)

Kaash waq hardam hamtaa hota :(:(:(

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